English menu





Toast Skagen 1/2 159kr 1/1 199kr
shrimp&crayfish in mayonnaise, salad & mustardvinegrette 
on toasted rye bread

Shrimpsandwich 185kr
hand peeld shrimps, boiled egg, dill&parsley mayonnaise & 
salad on toasted rye bread




Middle dishes



Quesadilla 149kr
double tortillabreads filled with marinated chicken, pico de gallo, shredded cheese with guacamoledip & salsa

Gratinated chicken nachos 149kr without chicken 95kr
marinated chicken, pico de gallo, jalapenos, melted cheese with guacamoledip, salsa & sourcream



Shrimpsalad 219kr
hand peeled shrimps, boiled egg, limeaioli & toasted sourdough bread

Caesar salad 198kr
cornfed chicken breast, bacon, gran padano cheese, croutons & classic caesardressing

Vegetarian Chévresalad 195kr
Honey gratinated chévrecheese, beetroots, pine nuts & balsamicodressing

our burgers are made from 100% beef

Classic Hamburger 
singel(100gr) 149kr double(200gr) 199kr 
Minced beef, cheddarcheese, classic hamburgerdressing, 
coleslow & french fries

Solstugans bacon&chiliburger 219kr
200gr minced beef, cheddarcheese, bacon, classic hamburgerdressing, jalapenos, chilibearnaisedip, coleslow & french fries

New York burger 219kr
200gr minced beef, cheedarcheese, classic hamburgerdressing, bacon, potatochips, srirachamayo, coleslow & french fries

Chévre burger 229kr
200gr minced beef, honey gratinated chévrecheese, 
classic hamburgerdressing, coleslow & french fries

Vegetarian Halloumiburger 195kr
fried halloumicheese, classic hamburger dressing, guacamoledip, sweet chili-sourcreamdip, 
coleslow & french fries

vegan Oumph burger 189kr
Barbeque oumph, black beans, chilimayo & french fries
Steak & oven
Tenderloin steak
90gr 209kr 180gr 298kr
grilled tenderloin steak, karl-johan mushroom, mushrooms, bacon haricoverts, herb fried potato

Steak Minute 229kr
grilled beef steak 160gr, chilibea, salad & french fries

Tacos al pastor 199kr
marinated grilled chicken, shredded cheese, pico de gallo, black beans, salad, coriander, guacamole-dip, sweetchili-sourcream-dip, 
nachochips & 3 tortillabread

Jamacian jerk tacos 199kr
Jerk-spiced grilled loin of pork, pico de gallo, black beans, salad, mangosalsa-dip, guacamole-dip, nachochips, 3 tortillabread

Kids menu
Naturel hamburger 89kr
100gr minced beef & french fries

Pancakes 3ps 69kr 5ps 89kr
strawberryjam & wipped cream

Grilled hotdog 69kr
2 grilled hot dogs & french fries