English menu


Toast Skagen 1/2 159kr    1/1 199kr
Shrimp&crayfish, salad & mustardvinegrette on toast
Cured salmon Toast 1/2 139Kr  1/1 179Kr
Cured salmon, hovmästarsås (swedish mustardsauce), salad & mustardvinegrette on toast


Shrimpsalad   219kr
Handpeeled shrimps, boiled egg, limeaioli & toast
Caesarsallad  198kr
Cornchickenbreast, bacon, gran padano cheese, croutons & classic ceasardressing
Vegetarian Chevrésalad   195kr
Honey gratinated chévrecheese, beetroots, pine nuts & Balsamicodressing

Baked potato

with butter, salad & mustardvinegrette
Skagenröra (shrimp&crayfish) 167kr
Applecurry-chicken 147kr


we have glutenfree hamburgerbreed

Classic burger
single 100gr 139kr dubble 200gr 199kr tripple 300gr 269kr
Minced beef, melted cheddarcheese, classic hamburgerdressing, coleslow  & french fries
Solstugans bacon & chiliburger 219kr
200gr minced beef, melted cheddarcheese, jalapenos, bacon, classic hamburgerdressing, chili-bearnaise, coleslow & french fries
New york burger 219kr
200gr minced beef, melted cheddarcheese, bacon, ajvardressing, potatochips, coleslow & french fries
Chèvre burger  229kr
200gr minced beef, honey gratinated chévrecheese, classic hamburgerdressing, coleslow & french fries
Vegeterian Halloumi burger  195kr
Fried halloumicheese, guacamole, sweet chili-sourcream, coleslow &french fries
Vegan Soyabean burger 185kr
soyabean patty, pickeld red onion , basil-aioli & french fries


From the grill

Bourbon glazad fillet of beef  90gr 209kr / 180gr 298kr
Grilled fillet of beef, pico de gallo, broccoli, chimichurri, chili-bearnaise & fried potatowedges
Tacos Al Pastor 199kr
Marineted chicken with coriander, halloumicheese, pico de gallo
black beans, sweetchili-sourcream, guacamole, salad, nachochips & 3 tortillabread
New Orleans Kyckling  198kr
1/2 grilled chicken, mangosalsa, chimichurri & fried potatowedges
Grilled fillet of pork  185kr
Apple&carrot-zatziki, chili-bearnise, maderiagravy, rosted cherry tomatoes & fried potatowedges
Gratinated nachos 139kr without chicken 89kr
grilled chicken, pico de gallo, salsa, guacamole & melted cheese



Cured salmon  198kr
Dill creamed potatoes, salad & hovmästarsås (swedish mustardsauce)
Classic Fish ´n Chips   149kr
Fried cod, remoulad sauce, salad & french fries
Shrimp ceviche   199kr
Shrimps & mango i chili-coriandermarinade, pico de gallo,
guacamole, salad, nachochips & 3 tortillabread
Shrimp in a box  159kr
ca250gr unpeeled shrimps, lime-aioli & garlicbread



up to 12years old we offer a free glas of milk or a soda
Kids burger   89kr
100gr minced beef & pommes
Pancakes 3 pancakes 69kr 5 pancakes 89kr
strawberry-jam & wipped cream
Grilled hotdogs & french fries  69kr